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    Made By Hand In The USA

    We're a family business.

    Our commitment to quality is the reason we hand-craft all of our products in small batches and always will. Yes, it takes more time and resources but it is hands down the best way to ensure the quality of the product. With our hands on, homemade way of doing things we are able to consistently provide a higher quality result. There are some things that are simply lost when you don’t do them the good old-fashion way.

    Something had to be done! …and that’s how Primal Skin Co. was born.


    No-Nonsense. Simple & Safe Ingredients.

    We pride ourselves in providing a better way for personal care products. We've created a dependable brand based on quality and integrity that you can trust.

    This journey began when we learned that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. YIKES! After reading the ingredient lists for some of our everyday personal care products and doing some research, we knew we had to make changes.

    Unfortunately, that turned out to be complicated. Products were advertised as natural when they weren’t or they weren’t effective at all. We had a serious problem and we learned that we were not alone. Although we cared about our health, we still needed products that perform.

    We learned that making the switch to natural products can be completely overwhelming and down-right complicated at times. For this reason, you can see all of our N0-NONSENSE Ingredients on the FAQ page. Here we list all ingredients we use and give a brief and simple explanation of what each ingredient is. Doing the right thing for your body should be simple.

    You can trust we will always source the highest quality all natural ingredients. You can trust we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of customer care. You can trust we will deliver effective products.


    100% All Natural. All Organic. No Synthetic.

    We source only the highest quality ingredients. We are real people that needed real solutions. We never settle for “good enough”.

    Our commitment to taking care of our bodies is the reason we created Primal Skin Co. We don’t believe any of our personal care products should be made of harmful chemicals. When we learned that what goes on your body ends up inside of your body, we committed ourselves to creating effective products that were good for you.

    Products should be safe. – 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. When so much of what we put on our bodies ends up inside of our bodies… the ingredients should be good for you and Primal ingredients are!

    Products should be effective. So many natural products are just safe alternatives to the potentially harmful products you were using. We believe that when done right nature is just as effective, if not more effective than synthetics. Our products are not just safe, they work and work well.

    Products should be simple to understand. – All Primal Products include a list of No-Nonsense Ingredients. We use the common terms for each ingredient. If you are ever unsure of what an ingredient is, you may find that here in our FAQ section where we make it easy to understand each ingredient.


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